Spicy Fried Shallot Sauce/Asian-flare with Roasted Pork Tenderlon/Meat


roasted pork tenderloin with spicy shallot sauce, roasted sweet and fingerling potatoes and onions

Ever roasted a piece of lean meat and it came out more bland than you expected?

It’s well seasoned with salt and pepper and you added a special blend of spice/herbs on it to give it that extra so-you-thought-miracle-oomph taste.

Take it out of the oven and it smells delish.

You cut into it and it’s even more perfect because it’s not overcooked.

Take a bite out of it before what-you-might-think your guest will cobbled all over it and be gone your chance to eat it.

You chew on the perfectly cooked meat–so tender and moist and the salt and pepper does it wonder BUT– where’s the oomph?

Dubli-dubli-dulbi-boo! Underwhelming!


Happens all the time–especially with pork being so lean. Do I serve it to the guests now or not?

I know they’ll say it’s delicious because (1) they didn’t have to cook to begin with so anything is better than none and (2) they don’t know the difference between good and AWESOME.

Don’t ever let that get in the way of your inner chef creativity. Sprinkle on some stronger finishing spice or better yet make a quick sauce like I did here with my roasted five-spice pork tenderloin. Be it gravy or a sweet sauce or in this case a spicy sauce will always make a dish sing.

Since I used five-spice powder for my pork originally, I went along with the Asian theme and made a spicy shallot sauce by combining a bunch of Chinese condiments together lol.

Satay sauce aka Chinese BBQ sauce plus some spicy kick and honey to smooth out the spice with fragrantly fried shallots will absolutely rock your shoes when you pair it with any type of lean meat like chicken,pork or even fried eggs

Spicey Fried Shallot Sauce Recipe:


1 tbsp satay sauce
1 tbsp locally sourced siracha hot sauce (try not to use the rooster brand, it’s very acidic)
1/4 tsp spicy red pepper flake in chili oil
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp fried shallots, refried if store bought
2 tsp green onions

1) FRY the shallots in 1 inch thick hot oil until light brown. Place on paper towel to soak up excess oil.

2) MIX everything together. If too thick, add a little more fish sauce. Adjust taste accordingly to own liking.

One caveat though, you must serve it alongside a bowl of white rice! God, I can eat a whole bowl of white rice with only  this sauce scattered on top! It smells so good too.


Roasted Five-spice pork tenderloin

This recipe is here to round out the post in case someone wants to know what I paired the sauce with. Though any roast meat will do and it’s pretty straightforward to roast meat with just salt and pepper.


2 – 1.5lb pork tenderloin OR 1 whole 2.5-3lbs pork tenderloin

2+ tbsp five spice powder


black pepper

vegetable oil


2 lbs mixture of sweet potatoes, white potatoes, or other root veggies


1. SEASON the pork tenderloin directly with an even layer of salt, black pepper, then five spice powder all over! Add a dash of oil if you need to help rub the seasoning in.

2. HEAT oil until hot. SEAR the pork tenderloin on medium-high heat for 10 minutes each side until nicely brown.

3.PREHEAT oven to 375F.

4. In a roasting pan, line pan with a parchment paper. LAYER root vegetables evenly on pan. PLACE pork tenderloin on top of the root veggies. ROAST until meat thermometer registers 145F for medium pork (It’s safe per FDA!) about 20-25 minutes for smaller tenderloins or 40 minutes for the large tenderloins (Remember you browned all sides already earlier so that cooked it half way already). If you did not brown it, it needs to cook for at least an hour depending on the size of the tenderloin.



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