FI blogs are a product. –>FI is BS Rant Part 2

This is part 2 of 3 on my rant with FI blogs.


Sometimes you can tell when you start reading a blog page that they’re playing you into buying some type of self-help eBook for $19.99 or some type of DIY. The post is a mile a long and it repetitively writes about the problem bothering you and how great their new found method is in helping you resolve the problem. You keep hoping that it’s not another marketing prick. You hope they will eventually tell you what this new found method is along with all its glory details. You scroll to the end of the page, and yep, they tell you nothing except to buy the eBook for $X in order to find out.

FI blogs are the same. They are a long-term product meant to lure you back over and over again providing you with tips that only gets you so far.

They do provide some useful piece of informations along with their incites. They don’t play you around in circles and make you buy something. Of course they’re playing you in other ways:

  • click on their referral links
  • make you go back to their blog over and over again to gain traffic
  • help them gain traffic so they can gain ads sponsor
  • help them spread their idea so they become a credible source to promote themselves

“But they provide real tips and even provide fancy graphs and charts to prove they’re right. They really want to help us achieve FI.”

Here’s why they’re not really providing you help:

  • they tell you the what, but they don’t tell you the how
    • Ex. Buy dividend yielding stocks, but where do I go to buy such stocks, how do I sign-up for such service, how do I pick a stock, what fees goes with it, how do I read the balance statement to pick the right stock?
  • they tell you the why, but they don’t tell you the specific instead they give you fake bias examples and charts
    • if you want it to be realistic, give me your real-life personal figures on how it worked for you – you are the credible source – and you can only be credible if you use your own personal figures and not some BS made-up numbers that you pulled out your hat and made a fancy graph.
    • numbers can be manipulated unless you tell me your real numbers
  • they tell us how, but they’re only scratching the surface — we’re looking for a 101 course please.
    • to really acheive what the FI bloggers know, either get a finance-related degree  or at least some sort of finance 101 class. Invest in REIT. uh-huh — give me the 101 on it please. Well, that ain’t happening. Pay to get your own 101 class.
  • they give you graph, but how many people actually knows how to interpret everything that a graph offers?
    • not many, you need a college education to truly understand all the hidden meaning of a graph beside knowing that the graph is trending upward overall.

That’s why FI is never possible with the average American just by reading blogs. You got to invest in some sort of finance guru class the least.

I’ve never taken finance 101 either, so I’m not qualify to educate anyone on it. My posts are written in the perspective of a newbie. These are my basic understanding of the system. I’m still at the testing water phase. These posts are reflection of road to financial stability.  Maybe someone who shares the same wavelength as me will find my thoughts useful.


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