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Why excuse me, how rude of me. Welcome readers! o.O

I’m a foodie. I’m a druggist. I’m a TIDIA (think I do it all).  I will try almost anything at least once before I say no.

I’m American Chinese and being Chinese means I’ll eat anything (almost ahem), have a love for synthetic as well as natural drugs. and think I’m well-rounded in all fields (aka narcissist)


I’m a foodie!

There are things that I prefer not to eat, but I’m always open to try it again if there’s a new preparation style. For example, beetles! EWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried it honestly. I did not like it! I steer clear from it! But if I see it prepared some other way that’s suppose to be appetizing, I might give it a go again?

My favorite country for food? Singapore.
Singapore is tiny but the melting pot of food diversity is amass over there without sacrificing taste. On the other hand, United States is described as a melting pot as well, but U.S. is large and food diversity only holds up in certain hotspots like New York and Los Angeles.

My favorite everyday cuisine? Vietnamese.
I am especially obsessed with all of their different kind of noodle soups beyond pho. I grew up identifying the Vietnamese as noodle people. I love making my own stock for noodle soup. The nutritious ,flavorful soup stock with fresh meat, fresh herbs and lime make these my healthy go-to meal choices. Their salad beyond lettuce makes a satisfying bite. If I could just live off one cuisine, it’ll be Vietnamese food. I identify with the Vietnamese — I even look Vietnamese more so than Chinese.

My favorite food? Sushi
Despite my favorite cuisine is Vietnamese as a whole, Japanese sushi is my favorite food. It is so simple. It’s an art. And sushi in Japan refers to Nigiri sushi – fish on top of rice. I feel like sushi at its essence doesn’t really change much. You got the damn fresh fish and you got the rice. Those 2 basic components will never change. What changes is the soul of the chef. It’s rather complex. Maybe I should save a post for that later.

My favorite comfort food? Steamed pork butt with salty fish and white rice
This is what my mom made for us when I was a kid. This is what an average low-income villager family will eat. It is also the most delicious,flavorful and appetizing dish to eat. I once ate 5 bowls of rice and tried to continue but my mom stopped me because she though I had a stomach worm. I didn’t have a worm, it was just very yummy for my taste-buds.

My favorite man-food? A giant piece of medium-rare prime ribs along with its fat.
I am American after-all. American loves their beef. I may be petite, but when I got the appetite, prime rib is the way to satisfy me.

I don’t think I can live in a place where there is no food diversity but at the same time, you must travel the world to try all the food you can try. Living in a world-class city with diverse options only holds you for so long. Travelling is how you broaden your taste-buds. Again at the same time,  you should never live in a spot permanently because that’s where food diversity ends. Never stop travelling. [confused by what I mean? Traveling to Japan gave me insane exposure to their food culture that I would not experience anywhere else in the U.S. But if I lived in Japan permanently, their food culture is quite uniform as a country. Living there long-term would devoid me of all the other cuisines.]

Can’t travel and don’t want to spend the money to eat out? That’s where cooking at home comes in. You replicate food diversity in your own kitchen.

The real experience is still to travel and savor food then replicate what I tasted at my home kitchen. A step beyond is to bring back an idea or ingredient to incorporate into other cuisines – fusion.

Bon apetit!

P.S. A note on my recipe format:The traditional format is a list of all the ingredients, then the instructions. That is great for people who gets everything ready ahead of time (mise en place in French). For me, I like to get prepared as I go thru each steps. Especially when there’s multiple recipes (like the marinade and the sauce) or when there’s a recipe that requires 2 days worth of work so you don’t need all the ingredient ready right now. Skimming back up to the ingredient list to scout out the correct teaspoon of salt for the correct step is difficult and time-consuming.

My format is “On-the-go”. Ingredients are listed out by each step of direction you take so you never have to refer all the way back up for measurements. The ingredients and amount will be right below the direction step.  At least that’s how my logic works. If it doesn’t work for you, I’m probably not the blog to read :(.

I’m a druggist!

Think of it anyway you like. I provide condense drug informations for you so you don’t have to do all the reading. This can range from commercial drugs to Chinese herbal and natural remedies. I offer advice but such advice are just that-ADVICE! Please consult your doctor before doing anything!


I’m a TIDIA (think I can do it all)!

I simple manage my finances. No overly fancy stock options or finance jargon. Only real-life simple terms. Follow me on my 10 months journey to pay off my remainder $40k of student loans in 10 months. And more…

I play 2 Chinese instruments – dulcimer and guzheng. Listen to my joy. Pick one up yourself and experience it yourself.

I crochet – man tie!

I paint beyond paintnite. I paint only when I feel passionate about the subject – which is not often.

I travel to popular destination the rugged way. Hike, bike, hostels, street food!

I’m a shutterbug. Check out some of my self-satisfactory shots.

I snowboard in search for powder! Snowboarding destination is the new jam to traveling. Goodbye summer travel, winter travel is in!

and the list can go on forever…pretty much whatever interest me I’ll be stuck with it for at least 6 months before I move onto the next.





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    I am so calling my kathy on the counting pills thing lol.

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      I set up a “Subscribe via email” box on the homepage if you want to do email updates. It will bring you to a “google feedburner” signup page since I have yet to figure out how to do it directly from my host. After testing it, you get an email like 24-36 hrs after a new post. I’ll see how it goes.

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