There are thousand of blogs out there today and I read countless of them.  I only list the ones that I truly rely and am a fan of for my everyday cooking ideas time and time again.  Not to say I only read their blogs for ideas, I read whatever Google brings up to me but usually they are only a “one recipe” go to blog. Ones I’ve listed here has a clean blog and/or style with great photography and/or narration.

Some of my personal favorite blogs:

Fuss Free Cooking – over 200+ recipe across the board from American to Thai to Chinese to Italian to Mediterranean in very simple terms

The Soup Queen a blog on learning how to make Chinese soup tonic from a variety of vegetables, meat and/or herbs. It’s a great way to nourish the body for a busy lifestyle.

Yi Reservation – a cooking blog from a kool guy who cooks a variety of Chinese cuisine plus American. I love his pictures and simplicity.

Vietnam Noodle Guide – type of noodles by region

Buns in My Oven – an American food blogger, great photography and delicious baking recipes

Lady and Pup – the ultimate fusion cooking blog you’ll ever need for those unforgettable food experiences that you can create at home. However, if you’re looking for healthy or vegetarian meals, look elsewhere.

the Ravenous Couple – delicious Vietnamese recipes with gorgeous photos, many other cuisines too


 YouTube cooking channels:

“Cooking With Dog “- a very good Japanese cooking channel featuring a Japanese lady with her poodle dog next to her in her kitchen. Supposedly the narration is done by the dog (a man’s voice) and the Japanese lady execute the cooking. Her dishes are very yummy to make like the Japanese cabbage pancake.

“mykoreanrecipe” – a very simple, beautiful, zen-like Korean cooking channel done by a guy (I think). Highly recommended. His cooking videos are a work of art. Bright background and crisp, steady video. It’s a silent cooking show by subtitles, but you do hear the sound of cutting veggies and frying pancakes. I must say it is very calming. And of course, delicious Korean dishes.

“Anna Metcalf” – another Korean cooking channel. I know a lot of people refer to “Maangchi” for their Korean recipe resource (which is extensive but I find what she does in her video vs her written recipes to vary a lot and she just got too much makeup on). Anna Metcalf is a simple Korean house-wife vibe cooking channel.  Her English is enunciated and clear. It is straight forward and her execution is clean and sharp. Her Korean tofu soup and kimichi recipe are great.

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